“You do one more Mumbai, you lose Balochistan”

Ajit Doval, the National Security Adviser of India, former Director of the Intelligence Bureau of India. Here is the list of deeds he has done that makes me say he is the Indian Hulk.

  • Ajit Doval played an extraordinarily foremost role in charting out primarily one of its kind cross-border operation in Myanmar and inflict casualties on insurgents tormenting India’s Peace.
  • Doval executed a prime operation in ensuring a breezy return of forty-six Indian nurses who were trapped in a clinic in Tikrit, Iraq. After the family members lost all contacts with them following the capture of Mosul by ISIS, Ajit Doval, on a prime secret mission flew to Iraq on 25 June 2014 to appreciate the role on the ground and make excessive-degree contacts in the Iraqi government.

Doval when asked about how he would handle Pakistan in an event, he said:  One, transforming India’s “defensive” posture, under the UPA,  to an “offensive-defensive” one. That is, from being in a passive mode of trying to prevent attacks, or acting after an attack has occurred, to one “of going to the place where the terror strikes originate and taking them out”. Two, making it ‘unaffordable for Pakistan” to continue their proxy war by reversing the ‘bleeding India with a thousand cuts” on its head; by “making it unaffordable” for Pakistan to indulge in terror as a “war with other means”. “If you do a Mumbai, you will lose Balochistan”. Three, using India’s newfound economic and financial clout by “out-funding” Pakistan by “matching” and even “bettering” what the ISI pays out to the Taliban. This, of course premised on the assumption that the Taliban, for all its posturing, is a mercenary outfit than an “ideological” one.

  • Hiding and embedded deep undercover in Pakistan for almost six years he pulled off daring coups that left ISI clueless.
  • He was once in the Golden Temple within the days of Indian navy’s Operation Bluestar, posing as a Pakistani undercover agent, gaining the militants’ self-assurance, and then reconnoitering the militants preparations and fortifications in the holiest of Sikh shrines.

  • Often called Modi’s “007”.
  • In the 1980s, when the Mizo National Front, driven by Laldenga, was holding the country to emancipate with his revolt, he all of a sudden discovered six of his seven authorities had forsaken him, all won over by Ajit Doval.
  • India’s major Negotiator in Indian airlines Flight, IC-814 hijack in Kandahar.
  • Doval’s concept of becoming friends with and changing over terrorists in J&K into counter-terrorists was another strange masterstroke that was at first scrutinized however turned out to be an exceptionally viable measure in stifling the rising tide of militancy there.
  • Doval was additionally the agent to hold chats with the US about participation on terrorism and with Israel on fortifying protection ties.
  • Doval does not believe in squandering time while attempting strictly to adhere to the right procedure. A convention is not something that he may break his head on for he believes in effective action.
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