Very often we try our best to engage with our audience on Social Media yet it does not yield the desired results. In this blog i will be talking about the best practices to leverage through your social media accounts for your business.

You can’t sell all the time you have to be a listener.

Understand social media platforms are used for two way communication, you need to make effective conversations with your audience with a sole intention to influence your audience to become your potential customers. You cannot always use the social media platforms to only sell, listen to what your audience has to say. Remember no one comes on social media with a intention to buy things.

Amaze your Audience

You need to leave your impact on your audience in order to build trust and faith towards your products, the best way to do is is amaze your audience with Industrial Insights, Tips & Tricks and Interesting Facts about your sector.

Use Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a amazing software which will let you control & post all your social media account through one dashboard. Its free to start with where you can integrate up to 3 accounts, you can also subscribe for pro services which starts from  $8.99 onwards.

Timely Post your Social Media Updates

Featuring a Infographic, posted by Quicksprout how to get better mileage from social media post. The Infographic is a complete guide on the best timings to post on various social media platforms.

Infographic of best time post on social media


I can personally assure you that by following these few 3 steps you can get a better milage for Brand Visibility, Marketing and of course Sales being our the final goal.

Shiv Mamadapur

Shiv Mamadapur

Shiv Mamadapur, a passionate Marketing & Brand Management Professional. The blog shares a variety of Case Studies, Marketing Tips and a reflection of his thoughts social and political affairs.
Shiv Mamadapur

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